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What is there really to say?

I've written fanfic since season two of Buffy was airing. You do the math. That's a long. Damn. Time.

I started primarily as a BtVS fanfic writer. Yes, I 'shipped the B/A. Briefly. Very Briefly. In fact, so briefly that we will refer to it as a minute of insanity on my part. From there I was a Willow 'shipper full tilt. *grins* Willow/Spike, Willow/Angel, Willow/Xander... I was a complete Willow whore. Then I found slash. And I wrote slash.

And then I stopped writing the slash and found crossovers.

I've written BtVS crossovers with just about everything I enjoy. Somewhere in all of that, I founded Twisting the Hellmouth - the largest purely BtVS crossover archive on the 'net. We rox0rs. *self-deprecating snort of amusement* Check out my profile there if you want to know what I've written as far as crossovers go.

Along the way I gained some new fandoms. Harry Potter, Roswell, Stargate, Smallville, Doctor Who, just to name a few. My most recent obsession?


Let me blame it on the fact that I've been a Jensen Ackles fangirl for forever and a day. That's why I *started* watching the show. I keep watching because its brilliant. No lie. I love the interaction between the brothers, the plot, the twists. It's wonderful. Jared Padalecki is nice to look at, too, I'll admit it. But I'm still a JA fangirl. *smirk*


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